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What is Cataract?

Just like cameras, we also have transparent lenses in our eyes. If for some reason, this lens becomes non-transparent then it is called cataract.

What are the symptoms of cataract?

  • Vision becomes fuzzy
  • It becomes difficult to identify blue and violet color.
  • Objects located at distant place become obscure but objects at near place is relatively viewed better.
  • Vision impairment at night leads to driving difficulty.

How cataract is treated?

  • Cataract is treatable by operation only
  • Cataract is not treatable by medicine or eye glasses

How cataract operation is performed?

The non transparent natural lens inside the eye is replaced with an artificial transparent lens during cataract surgery. There are various types of cataract surgery:

  • Usual cataract operationWith stitch (ECCE)
  • Without stitch (SICS)
  • Phaco surgery (cataract operation without stitch)

What are the advantages of phaco surgery?

  • Phaco surgery is a groundbreaking innovation of cataract surgery.
  • Being stitch-less, painless and bleeding free eye looks normal after operation.
  • Clear and normal vision returns right after one day of operation.
  • One can return to work very fast after getting recovered.
  • In phaco surgery, usually acrysof fold able soft lens is used which is easily folded and replaced in the eye.
  • A small whole (2.2 mm – 3.2 mm) is created in the eye to insert the lens. As a result the process is almost painless.
  • Phaco lens is made of a soft acrylic named acrosof which provide clear vision for long term.
  • The probability of the lens getting fuzzy again is very low (less than 1%) as it is made of hydrophobic material.
  • Lens used in phaco surgery can prevent harmful ultraviolet ray.

What happens if cataract is not treated on time?

Gradually vision becomes impaired. If treatment is delayed then cataract surgery may not be possible later on as lots of complication arises. Even the patient can become blind permanently.

What are the benefits of GUK Eye Hospital?

  • GUK Eye hospital is a social business organization.
  • High quality service is provided in this hospital at an affordable cost.
  • Highly trained and experienced specialized doctors provide eye care services.
  • State of the art tools and equipment is used for examination.
  • Operation theaters are equipped with modern tools and state of the art technology.
  • Uninterrupted electricity supply is ensured with powerful back up generator.
  • Patients can avail prescription from a specialized doctor after regular examination at a minimum fee of Taka 100 only.
  • Medicine and eye glasses are sold at a fixed price at the medicine and optics corner in the hospital premises.
  • Eye camp (PSP) operated at the remote places offers eye examination with prescription at free of cost.
  • Cataract surgery is provided at a reduced cost / free of cost to the poor and helpless patients.
  • Selected patients from the eye camps (PSP) can get eye operation service at discounted price.
  • The hospital holds a library containing eye related reading materials.